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Fill out Evaluation and Order form.

Most users can finish in about 7 minutes.
Medical doctor reviews Evaluation to see if Catalyst may be right for you. If you're not a good candidate for Catalyst, there is no charge.
Catalyst-affiliated pharmacy receives order and verifies medication order.
We offer regular or Overnight shipping. Sometimes you just can't wait.
Once you have your order, you can follow the instructions and let those chemical reactions burn hot.
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We have created the easiest way for you to get Erectile Dysfunction medications delivered directly to you. If only more things were this easy.

We are currently only serving those in Pennsylvania. 

Interested in Catalyst expanding to your State? Questions? Let us know here. 

Ready to start your own reaction?

Medical Evaluation

Our medical evaluation is designed to be thorough and quick. You can start the evaluation while at your home, or someone else’s. Our evaluation is vetted by Board-Certified Medical Doctors in Pennsylvania.

Real Medication

We only dispense FDA-approved medications from approved pharmacies. Medications are maximum dosages so that you can cut take one half or one quarter (that’s like getting 2x or 4x for the same price).

No Subscriptions

No subscriptions to cancel. No medications to waste. We send 30+ dose packages or 60+ dose packages. When you need more, fill out another Evaluation and Order and we’ll handle the rest.